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Diabetes and The South Beach Diet

As you well know the South Beach Diet is a hybrid of Atkins and low carb weight loss. The diet with a few modifications can be a great diabetic diet, when used in accordance with your doctor’s advice. The reason that this can be beneficial is the book has detailed diet information related to recipes and grocery lists. The genesis of the diet promotes the liberal use of vegetables which is a general setback to most folks who are using the Atkins system for weight loss.

Since most diabetics don’t have a problem with their weight the South Beach advantage is clear, great food, plenty of vegetables, just common sense good nutrition. The diet naturally keeps you away from foods that tend to be high in sugar (carbs) so the diabetic can buy the book and talk to their nutritionist about creating a customized diet plan using the det plan as a foundation.

It’s much easier to eat correctly on a specific diabetic diet than it is to have rollercoaster like blood sugar levels. No one likes taking more than one insulin shot per day, or constantly monitor their blood sugar levels, so you can use this as motivation for sticking to your diet.

When you bring up the “D” word it reeks of boredom.. However, since Dr. Agatston has networked with some top chefs you don’t have to stave to death. Furthermore, should you sign up with their program online, as I mentioned earlier, you can print out grocery lists to make you time at the store more efficient.

This in my estimation is the best part of the diet, you just select your meals for the week and the program spits out a list for you. Personally, I hate wondering if I have bought everything needed for a weeks worth of meals and any way that I can make it easier for myself is nothing but a good thing.

With that said, it’s getting easier for you to manage your diabetic condition with the assistance of technology. Use the tools that are available to you and you won’t be disappointed. The energy and stability in your day to day state of health are really worth it!!

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