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Diet Preparation

β€œIt looked so good in the magazine but it was much too hard to keep up and it cost a fortune!”

Before you start that diet, look beyond the mouth-watering recipes and claims of how easy it is and answer these three questions. Then, only if it passes the ‘Three Question’ test, should you do it.

First, what do you need to buy for, say, five straight days. Remember, this isn’t the way you normally eat – can you buy in small enough quantities not to generate mountains of waste that needs to be thrown away?

Second, can you get all the food that the diet recommends and do you like it? We need variety in food or we soon get fed up so will you eat everything on the list and can you get it easily from the local store?

Never go on a diet if you don’t like or won’t eat most of the suggested food – substituted food can be an instant dietbuster!

Finally, how much is all this costing? You’d be amazed at the number of people who start a diet only to find their food bill has suddenly doubled!

To check all this, do the diet for a fortnight and see how you get on. At the end of it sit down and answer the questions above. Could you buy in the right quantities? Did you like the food and can you get it easily? Finally, can you afford it?

Only if you can answer, ‘Yes’, to all these questions should you start the diet and then you know you have the best possible chance of success.

For the best possible chance of keeping to a diet, ensure that you are in the right frame of mind before you begin.

Set a date when you will start and pitch it three to five weeks ahead. Write down exactly how much weight you are going to lose and how much you will weigh after a certain time, say six weeks, and how much you will weigh at the end. It is also important to look upon this as starting a new lifestyle.

Diets, of course, come to an end and then you can go back to your old way of eating, but a healthy new lifestyle is forever! Even when you are successful,you will still have your diet to maintain the new you.

Set aside a few minutes each day and think about the diet and look forward to it and to the new you that will emerge. Look at what you have already written to reinforce its impact and maybe read a page or so of the diet book or web site again.

Tell yourself that it is a good thing you are doing and that you are looking forward to it and remind yourself of all the benefits there will be once you are slimmer. If you do this you will be as mentally prepared as you can be and there will be nothing that can stand in your way when the day arrives to begin.

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