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Anti-Cancer Diet in a Nutshell

For those in the West, cancer is seen as a scourge but a few modifications is all it takes to start on the road to a cancer reduced, if not a cancer-free diet.

Western diets consist of large amounts of red or processed meat. Add to these white bread and pasta with French fries and desserts with lashings of sugar, and you are on the way to a recipe for colon cancer.

Yet dietary adjustment is easy and need not be dramatic. All you need is the help of fruit and vegetables to turn this regular diet into a super anti-cancer diet.

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Antioxidants are in the news lately but what exactly are they and why is it important that you make sure you are eating plenty?

Antioxidants deactivate things called free radicals. Free radicals are molecules formed in the body naturally as a by-product of metabolism and as a result of modern day pollution and tobacco smoking.

Let loose, free radicals cause serious damage to structures in the body and to genetic material inside cells. The end result is ageing and often serious diseases including heart disease and cancer.

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