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High Fiber Diet

What are the benefits of a High Fiber Diet?

Or, in my favorite phrase – “What’s in it for me?” That’s what my kids always ask and it is a fair question. What is in a high fiber diet for you?

High fiber diets help keep your bowels regular and healthy. Some of the medical problems a high fiber diet seems to help are:

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The Plague of Obesity: Environmental or Medical?

Our society is incredibly image-obsessed, there’s no doubt about it. Everywhere you look there are ads for gyms, slim models in bikinis, and newfangled low-carb diet supplements. At one time or another, we’ve all (well, almost all) had to battle the bulge, even if it’s just a few pounds here and there. Today, the message is loud and clear: health professionals tell us that the obesity epidemic in this country is nearing a crisis point. We’ve been told to eat healthier, exercise more, and take responsibility for our bodies. But what about those for whom even significant lifestyle changes do not have an impact on weight?

More than five million Americans suffer from a condition known as hypothyroidism, a disease that lessens the body’s capacity to regulate metabolism. of course, eating too much does not help. But for people who have this illness, losing weight, regardless of diet or physical activity, may prove hopeless. Many with hypothyroidism actually put on a few pounds when they change their diet and physical routine for the better.

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