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Diabetes and The South Beach Diet

As you well know the South Beach Diet is a hybrid of Atkins and low carb weight loss. The diet with a few modifications can be a great diabetic diet, when used in accordance with your doctor’s advice. The reason that this can be beneficial is the book has detailed diet information related to recipes and grocery lists. The genesis of the diet promotes the liberal use of vegetables which is a general setback to most folks who are using the Atkins system for weight loss.

Since most diabetics don’t have a problem with their weight the South Beach advantage is clear, great food, plenty of vegetables, just common sense good nutrition. The diet naturally keeps you away from foods that tend to be high in sugar (carbs) so the diabetic can buy the book and talk to their nutritionist about creating a customized diet plan using the det plan as a foundation.

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Diabetic Sour Cream Poundcake Recipe

This is a great recipe using Splena it makes: 18 servings
The total prep. time is about: 15 minutes
It will be done in: 1 hr, 20 min.

3 cups of sifted cake flour
1 1/2 cups SPLENDA® Sugar Blend for Baking
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup whole cream butter, softened
6 medium eggs
1 (8-ounce) tub of sour cream
2 teaspoons of vanilla

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Alexis’s Tropical Paradise Diabetic Topping Recipe

So you thought that I was going to leave you hanging with that pound cake recipe?? NEVER!! Here’s how you can cap it off with come great shortcake topping. You’re in luck here, most folks like to eat, well I like to cook and being the sugar sensitive person that I am, I’ve created my own topping recipe.

This recipe is low on sugar, not low on fat so beware.

Prep Time:
10 Minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to complete, 20 minutes in total

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Good Ol’ Diabetic Sweets Recipe

here we go with another one of my favorite recipes. All you need is a bag of frozen mixed fruit and some Splenda OR Equal.

1 Chilled Glass (preferrably the kind that you freeze before using)
1 bag of Frozen Fruit (Banana Kiwi is yummy)
Splenda or Equal to taste (at most 5 packets)
100% Pure Apple Juice (no sugar added)

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Weight Loss, Nutrition and Diabetes

The most important thing to those with diabetes is the start of living a healthy lifestyle which can lead to weight loss. Weight loss will help with the various statistics that you are monitoring after diagnosed with diabetes. Of course, weight loss also lowers the risk of other diseases like the ever-dreaded heart disease. The bottom line is, if you are overweight, you need to significantly change the way you have been eating and start doing exercise.

Healthy diet coupled with fair amount exercise are important part of weight loss. Dieting can be a daunting task for almost anyone. With diabetes, it is very important to monitor the food you eat to keep your glucose level within the normal range. If you are planning to lose weight, please do it the correct way. Do not go the yo-yo dieting way because it is dangerous with diabetes.

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Starchy Foods

These include:

Potatoes, yam and sweet potatoes
Pasta and noodles
Bread, chapattis and pitta bread
Breakfast cereals and oats
Cous cous, maize, cornmeal and other grain


Starch is made up of a chain of glucose units. When digested, the body releases these glucose units and converts them into energy. We can also obtain energy from fat and sugar, but due to the health risks associated with high intakes of these, we should look to take most of our energy from starchy foods.

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Reasons for Weight Gain

Gaining weight is a natural phenomenon among human beings. But, the reasons for weight gain may vary from person to person.

Everything seems perfect within limits same is the case with weight. If it is in limit then its fine otherwise you may get inclined to number of diseases. Gaining excessive weight will add you into the list of obese people. Some people believe that overeating and eating high calorie food are the only reasons for weight gain. But, this is not true; there are many other reasons behind weight gain.

Common reasons for weight gain are:

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Low Carb Diet Plan

Even as hundreds of diet plans make their way into the weight loss market, the low carb diet seems to remain one of the most popular and appreciated methods of dieting. Low carb dieting does not force the individual to give up most of the favorite foods and thus is more sustainable that the other diets that leave you craving you’re the delicious and sumptuous steak that you used to enjoy earlier.

People adopt low carb dieting of a couple of reasons. While some are motivated by the promises that low carb dieting helps in reducing weight, others get attracted to the claims that a low carb diet helps in maintaining good health also. The widespread popularity of the low carb diet also stems from the fact that it can be used by obese and the otherwise healthy people for various different objectives.

With low carb dieting you can cure the basic reasons for high cholesterol, obesity, hypoglycemia, high blood pressure and diabetes. It is extremely important for those who are overweight and those who have diabetes to understand the manner in which this diet works. This is true because these are the people that have otherwise been instructed by doctors and nutritionists to consume minimal quantities of fat.

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